Beginning in Fall 2016, the TriState Infrastructure Council has pursued the following tasks:

  • Developed an extensive geographic information systems (GIS) database of the 82-county tristate region. Whereas many GIS tools for a variety of transportation and infrastructure assets already exist, they are typically on a state-by-state basis and have not yet been marshaled for the purpose of identifying gaps, prioritizing needs, and making the case for those needs to public and private funders.  Samples of the database output can be found here (pdf).
  • Facilitated regular updates to participating businesses via various channels on regional petrochemical projects, related manufacturing, construction and infrastructure developments.
  • Benchmarked other similar efforts in regions around the country, including Public Private Partnership (P3) models being deployed throughout the nation.
  • Identify gaps in regional infrastructure, and propose and prioritize solutions.
  • Create innovative funding mechanisms, including various forms of public private partnerships (P3) to match project needs.
  • A summary of the Council’s 2017 work is included here (pdf).